Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1
The metabolic pathways reconstructed by Pathway Tools can be explored on a dedicated web site called MicroCyc. However, the number of organisms on this site is limited. The list of available organisms is regularly updated according to the last genomes that were selected as reference in the genome browser by authenticated users. If the current organism is available, you can click on the buttons below to explore its pathways. In any case, you can always download the PGDB to integrate it in a local Pathway Tools installation.

Access to the MicroCyc website:
How to access the MicroCyc website ?
Access to the MicroCyc website requires authentication. The password is generated internally and has a limited lifespan.
If you browser ask for login, please use:
  • login: guest
  • temporary password: guest
See here for more details.

Download PGDB: