High-throughput identification of genes essential for pathogenesis and/or cell viability in the human pathogen Neisseria meningitidis
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NemeSys integrates:
  • the complete genome sequence of a serogroup C clinical isolate (strain 8013),
  • a library of mutants in ~1,000 of 8013's genes,
  • 8 re-annotated Neisseria genomes: 5 N. meningitidis (strains Z2491, MC58, FAM18, 053442 and alpha14), 2 N. gonorrhoeae (strains FA 1090 and NCCP11945) and 1 N. lactamica (a ST-640 strain).
This webpage provides easy access to a database (NeisseriaScope) that allow users to:
  • view each genome simultaneously with the synteny maps of other genomes in our database,
  • access the results of the bioinformatic methods that were instrumental for manual annotation of each gene,
  • determine for any gene whether it has been disrupted in the library of mutants, in which mutant(s), how many times and in which position(s),
  • perform queries using BLAST or keywords and export the results in various file formats (EMBL, GenBank, tab-delimited files that can be easily browsed in Excel) etc.
  • NeMeSys: a biological resource for narrowing the gap between sequence and function in the human pathogen Neisseria meningitidis. Genome Biology 2009, 10:R110
For further queries or to request a mutant please contact Dr. Vladimir Pelicic.
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